The Surface Surgeons Experience
The Twin Cities most  versatile carpet cleaning company!

Surface Surgeons was created because the Twin Cities interior care market needs a customizable cleaning company.  The "one size fits all companies" forget about the need for a personalized cleaning experience.  Surface Surgeons is a privately owned and operated Twin Cities based company.

Surface Surgeons started out with the idea to fix this problem and has found some of the most experienced professionals this industry has to offer.  Our certified staff and technicians have over 100 years of combined professional cleaning, resurfacing and interior care experience.  Surface Surgeons rely heavily on our technician's first-hand experience to shape and mold our company philosophy.  Our technicians will always arrive at your home in our company uniforms with the proper tools of our trade to ensure you a uniquely yours cleaning experience.

Who we are

First as an IICRC certified firm we guarantee to follow the S100.  This truly is the book on carpet cleaning.  This is the best resource for guidelines on how to properly clean a carpet.  This is the standard that companies like Shaw (the largest carpet manufacture in the world) and Mohawk refer to when they want their carpets cleaned.  We have read this book cover to cover and nowhere does it say to use some sort of "magic water", it doesn't even recommend electrically altering the water.  Surface Surgeons looked through several carpet manufacturers web sites and nowhere on their pages did we find recommendations for "magic water".

One thing our IICRC Master Cleaner, a designation held by less than 30 carpet cleaners in the state; has learned is that you MUST have flexibility when it comes to carpet cleaning.  Just because you and your friend have the same color carpet does not mean it should be cleaned the same. That's where Surface Surgeons comes into play.  Imagine if you could have the "Mayo" clinic of carpet cleaning companies make a house call to you.  You can and you have found them.

Premium Carpet Cleaning Services:

The most important things to look for in a carpet cleaning company is experience and versatility. Surface Surgeons wins in both categories. Our IICRC certified Master cleaner and Master smoke and fire restorer has over 27 years of professional cleaning experience. Surface Surgeons also confirms there is more than one way to clean a carpet and has the tools to customize a unique experience for you.

Unequaled Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:

With an A rating on Angie's list and the industries best guarantee you can rest assured that you have chosen the right company to provide you with the best possible experience. Our knowledge and expertise allows us to offer you the only "love it or we will pay our competitor to re-clean your carpets" guarantee. We so strongly believe in our systems and processes that our guarantee is very clear. If you are unhappy with the end results of our cleaning within 14 days, call us and we will re-clean that area at no charge. If you are still unhappy with the results we will call a carpet cleaner of YOUR choice and we will pay them to re-clean that area!!!! (Up to the amount you paid us).