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Carpet Cleaning

We follow the S100 principles, a document that provides a specific set of practical standards and a reference guide for professional carpet cleaning. It was written using reliable principles, research and practical experience. You can rest assured that extensive consultation and information was used to create this document. Including but not limited to carpet manufactures, international, national and local trade associations. Also, organizations serving the professional carpet cleaning industry, cleaning schools and cleaning service companies.

Hot Water Extraction

A restorative method of carpet cleaning that starts with dry soil removal and preconditioning.  Then hot water ranging from 110-230+ degrees Fahrenheit is injected under pressures ranging from 35 -500 psi.  Emulsified and suspended soils, chemical residues and other contaminates located within the carpet are removed with a combination of the flushing action of injected solutions and wet vacuuming.  The captured contaminates and excessive solutions are recovered into a waste collection tank and brought with us to our facility for recycling.

Shampoo Cleaning

A carpet cleaning method in which, following dry soil removal, a foaming detergent is applied to the carpet pile yarns via a shower feed tank and agitated into the face yarns using a soft nylon brush.  The brushes action creates a carpet shampoo that will hold the suspended soils broken down by the agitation and product usage.  The suspended soils then are captured using either wet vacuum, absorbent pad or thru the crystallization of the prescribed product.  Shampoo cleaning is considered a maintenance only or "dryer" method.  Shampoo cleaning is often used in conjunction with hot water extraction as a restorative cleaning method for carpets that have been severely neglected.

Absorbent Pad Cleaning

A minimum moisture method of carpet cleaning in which, following dry soil removal, detergent solutions are sprayed onto the carpet pile and onto an absorbent pad or "bonnet". Using a rotary shampooer with a special drive block, the pads are spin buffed into the carpet pile, with the pads absorbing soil from the surface of the carpet as cleaning progresses.  The pads are replaced as they become saturated with moisture and soil.  Absorbent pad cleaning is considered a maintenance only method.  This method is usually used as part of a regularly scheduled cleaning program.  This method can be used as a quick fix in a residential setting and has a very low dry time, usually around 15 minutes.

Powder or Absorbent Compound Cleaning

A low or no moisture carpet cleaning method using an absorbent granular compound that has been impregnated with cleaning detergents.  The compound is usually broadcasted onto the carpet pile after dry soil removal has been completed.  The compound is worked into the carpet pile with counter rotating brushes or by hand.  The detergent saturated compound suspends soil and dries within 1-3 hours.  During that time the soil is absorbed into the carrier.  The final step is to perform dry soil removal with a standard vacuum.  This method is most commonly used for carpets that can be damaged by moisture such as Sisal and Hemp.  This method is classified as a maintenance cleaning only as part of a regularly scheduled cleaning program.

Encapsulation cleaning

A low moisture carpet cleaning method where after dry soil removal has been performed, a liquid cleaning agent is sprayed onto the carpet pile and agitated into the face yarns thru a machine using a brush or pad.  The solution contains liquid polymers that absorb suspended soil then dries into a crystal form.  The captured soils and crystallized polymers can be easily vacuumed from the face yarn after a thorough vacuuming, usually 24 hours after the application.

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