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Mattress Cleaning

Do you suffer from allergies?

People spend on average 7 hours a day laying in their bed.  We do a great job of washing our sheets and changing our bedding 2 times or more a week, but what about the mattress? Recent studies claim your mattress will double in weight in just 8 yrs. We all have heard the commercials on TV and the radio from mattress manufactures that claim you must replace your mattress every 8 years for your health.

Surface Surgeons challenges that idea. You don't replace your clothes, carpet or upholstery just because you use them! Your mattresses can be safely cleaned extending the viable life span and use of the mattress.

Surface Surgeons professionally cleans mattresses using Hypo-Allergenic products in environmentally safe practices.  Our cleaning will safely and effectively remove allergens from dust, dust mites, their droppings, dead skin cells, sweat and stains commonly found on your mattresses.

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