The Services We Provide Top standards for top cleaning!

Other Valuable Surface Surgeons Offerings

  • Ultra violet light detection
  • Ph inspections for urine
  • 3rd party documentation
  • Ambient and ultra violet black light photos
  • Ozone treatments
  • Hydroxyl treatments
  • Sub surface extraction
  • Pad and flooring replacements
  • Wall washing
  • Thermal fogging
  • U.V. Fogging

Carpet Repairs

Surface Surgeons offers a full list of carpet repairs that can usually be completed at the same time as your carpet cleaning.  These services can be in conjunction with your carpet cleaning or done on their own.

Spot dying to fix color loss spots caused by bleach, sodium benzoate, plant food or over the counter cleaning agents. 

Transition metal replacement ripples and re-stretching, burns, corrective inserts, fuzzing, de-lamination of the carpet backing, seam separation, pulled rows or snags on Burber style carpet,

Greg of the Surface Surgeons, demonstrates carpet repairs at a national carpet cleaning convention.

Specialty Stain Removal

Surface Surgeons expertise in carpet cleaning doesn't end with just getting the dirt out.  We have extensive experience removing spots and stains caused by:
Beverage spills, Wine, Red kids drinks, Sports drinks, Soda, Coffee

Food spills: Spaghetti sauce, Ketchup, Mustard, Gravy, and Butter, Cooking oils

Miscellaneous spots: Tar, Grease, Grass stains, Dirt, Mud, Safety Salt, Rust, Graphite, Plant stains, pet urine, Makeup, Marker, Ball point pen ink just to name a few.

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