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Pet odor detection and neutralizing

If removing pet odors was as easy as spraying some phu phu juice on the carpet, you wouldn't be visiting this site.  We understand the feelings of frustration involved in unsuccessful attempts to remove an unwanted odor. The most important part of removing odors resulting from a beloved, but maybe aging cat, dog, rabbit or other pet, is treating the actual source of the odor. Our flooring specialists are experts and understand that if you don't actually address the source of the odor the odor will remain no matter what! Unfortunately, too many "splash and dash" or "magic water" carpet cleaning companies, claim to have some miracle fix. That isn't the case! Our flooring specialists can successfully remove the odor with the proper steps!

Surface Surgeons will always perform a thorough diagnostic screening, using both your guidance and our experience, to pinpoint the exact cause of the odor. Then we will write the proper prescription for complete odor elimination.  The odor neutralizing experts at Surface Surgeons have successfully removed odors caused by cats, dogs, skunks, pot belly pigs, smoke, tobacco, ethnic cooking and even human decomposition... Yes, really!

Surface Surgeons employs the latest technology in moisture sensors; U.V. black lights, PH testing, ambient lighting, a good sense of smell and additional tools we have developed from years of experience. Our certified flooring specialist's also carry a full range of carpet installation tools to allow us to inspect the carpet backing, carpet cushion, the flooring, baseboards and walls.

No matter how sever the contamination, contact Surface Surgeons for an in home consultation and we will help you feel better in your home. When our recommendations are followed we offer a written Odor Neutralization Guarantee, make sure to ask us for details!

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