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Water Thawing Service

The Surface Surgeons use high temperature water at as high a permissible level as possible, to dissolve and break up the impacted ice that has formed inside the pipes going to your house from the cities "main" supply. We must remove the meter inside your home and use a specially made adaptor to be able to insert the high temp supply line and recover as much of the water as possible. While we will make every attempt to capture and control the water, some may and will leak out.

We do not use welding equipment like some others providing this service. We feel that energizing the plumbing in your home with high current is just too dangerous and unpredictable. We know that it has been done successfully, we are just not comfortable doing it.

Some additional things you may do to insure a faster process would be to:

- Move anything within 5 feet of the meter.

- Make sure there is a clear path from your door to the necessary valve, so we can get the equipment in and out quickly, which will save us time and you money.

- Call the city to have them locate and clean the "curb stop" (the valve at the street that turns the water on and off to your home from the city's main line) this will help us perform our services in a faster and safer process.

- Also please keep the sidewalk and stairs as free of snow and ice as possible.

We are equipped to melt the ice up to 150 feet from the meter in your home and many plumbers are not. While we know having an issue with a frozen water line is very frustrating and maybe even a little scary, Surface Surgeons are working hard to service all of our client's needs.


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