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Clean Carpets, Healthier Home

Your carpet is designed to hide and keep dirt down deep inside the fiber structure. A deep professional clean will remove the dirt and allergens locked in your carpets and help create a fresh and healthier environment for your family.

A professional carpet cleaning is recommended every 12 to 18 months  to maintain the appearance, longevity and durability of your carpets or rugs. Plus, many carpet manufacturers require regular professional cleanings in order to keep your warranty in effect.

Our IICRC-certified team is able to diagnose the specific treatment required for your carpet and soil conditions. Using our experience and versatility, our team will safely and effectively remove the contaminants hidden within your carpet.

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They did a great job on my carpets. Very thorough and quick and up front about fees. I need to have them back again!
 Wendy Williams

Top Standards for Customized Cleaning Services

Our team follows the S100 principles, which is the current standard used by professional carpet cleaning companies to assess and determine the best course of action required to restore your carpets. This guide was developed in response to recommendations and consultation of carpet manufactures and international, national and local trade associations. Using this guide, our team is able to restore, maintain and clean your carpets effectively.

Good for your rug, Good for the Earth.

Our standard carpet cleaning service is earth friendly and approved by the Green Seal and the EPA Design for environment program. Our cleaning products are recycled back at our facility and never dumped in your yard or septic tank.

We also use Green Guard which is the first EPA registered carpet protector. It also allows you to choose a low moisture cleaning process.

Feel free to call and ask about other green measures that our company has taken to decrease our carbon footprint.

Treatment Options

At Surface Surgeons, we believe that there is no “magic”  water. There is no “super-duper amazing” cleaning process that has ever been the best for everyone’s carpet or rug. That is why our team will always assess your carpet or rug and come up with the best course of action. We use a variety of techniques including the ones listed to make your carpet fresh.

Hot Water Extraction

This treatment is used to deep clean and restore your carpets to their former splendor. It starts with dry soil removal and preconditioning, followed by injections of hot water under various pressures. The combination of flushing and injected water solutions removes oils, chemical residue and other contaminants effectively and safely. The contaminants and excessive solutions are collected and recycled at our facility.

Shampoo Cleaning

This treatment is a dryer method mostly used for maintenance or if needed, in conjunction with hot water extraction for restorative purposes. Following a thorough dry soil removal, a foaming detergent is applied and the brush action of our machine helps the shampoo suspend and capture the soil and contaminants. Depending on the diagnosis, the suspended soil will either be removed with a wet vacuum, absorbent pad (“bonnet”) or through crystallization.

Absorbent Pad Cleaning

This treatment is used for maintenance and helps extend the life of your carpets. It uses minimum moisture and greatly speeds the drying time, average around 15 minutes. We recommend using this method as part of a regularly scheduled cleaning program.  The detergent solution is sprayed on the carpet and an absorbent pad (“bonnet”). The pads are spin buffed into the fibers of the carpet, with the pads absorbing the soil and moisture from the surface of the carpet. The pads are replaced as they become saturated with moisture and soil.

Powder or Absorbent Compound Cleaning

This treatment provides a  low or no moisture carpet cleaning method used for maintenance and part of a regularly scheduled cleaning program. Mainly used for Sisal and Hemp carpet which are damaged by moisture. It uses an absorbent compound that is worked into the carpet. After 1-3 hours, the suspended soil and dried compound is removed using a standard vacuum.

Encapsulation cleaning

This low moisture cleaning method is lengthier in process but is highly effective at trapping dirt particles. A liquid cleaning agent is applied and agitated into the carpet. After 24 hours, the solution crystallizes capturing the contaminants.

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