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Eliminate Unwanted Odors – Pet Decontamination

Our pets are well-loved members of our family, but accidents do happen. Biological matter, such as urine and feces can cause discoloration and an unpleasant odor. Surface Surgeons uses eco friendly cleaning tools and techniques to eliminate unwanted odors by fully removing the source of the contamination.

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Happy Clients

Always professional! Best in the business! Thank you! You saved my couch after severe pet damage.

Eric Margolis

Happy Clients

Greg did a great job cleaning our carpeting and also gave me pet stain removal tips to use until I need the carpet cleaned again.

Linda Jamme

Cleaner Home, Healthier Home

Discoloration of carpets comes from the oxidation of the acid from your pet’s urine. As the urine dries, the residue salts and contaminants become breeding grounds for bacteria. Our technicians are able to neutralize this biological matter at the source, making your home cleaner and healthier.

Eliminate All Stubborn Odors

Our IICRC odor control certified technician are experienced with removing stubborn odors caused by cat and dog urine, feces, body odors, cigarettes and cooking just to name a few. We understand the frustration involved with unsuccessful attempts to remove an unwanted odor. Our specialists are experts and understand that if you don’t actually address the source of the odor the unpleasant smell will return.

Surface Surgeons will always perform a thorough diagnostic screening, using both your guidance and our experience, to pinpoint the exact cause of the odor. Then we will write the proper prescription for complete odor elimination.

The odor neutralizing experts at Surface Surgeons have successfully removed odors caused by cats, dogs, skunks, pot belly pigs, smoke, tobacco, ethnic cooking and even human decomposition… Yes, really!

Our Process

Using the latest technology including moisture sensors, U.V., black lights, pH testing, ambient lighting and other tools, we locate the source of the odor. Our technicians also carry a full range of carpet installation tools in order to inspect the carpet backing, carpet cushion, flooring, baseboards and walls. Using products that are 100% safe for floors, fabrics and furniture, we will eliminate the contamination and strong odor and leave your home feeling fresh.

If you follow through with our diagnosis, ask us about our Odor Neutralization Guarantee!

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