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Safe and Effective Upholstery and Mattress Cleaning

Your couch is the center hub of your living room; with your kids or pets often bouncing on and off this centerpiece. Over time, regular usage and minor accidents take a toll on the fabrics of your couch or other upholstered furniture. You spend an average of 7 hours in your bed, lying on your mattress. When is the last time that you have had it cleaned?

Keeping your furniture upholstery clean helps with the appearance and longevity of the fabrics. Couches, mattresses and other upholstery fill with airborne dust, dust mites, skin cells and sweat and stains. These contaminates become trapped in the fibers and eventually deep into the foam. With a professional clean, these delicate materials will look and smell great longer.

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Clean Upholstery, Healthier Home

Surface surgeons provides effective solutions to cleaning, maintaining and preserving your upholstery. We clean your upholstery using Hypo-Allergenic products and environmentally safe practices. Our cleaning will safely remove allergens from dust and other deeply imbedded contaminants from your furniture or mattress.

Versatility to Meet your Needs

Surface Surgeons is able to clean all type of specialty fabrics including Haitian cottons, linens, leather, tapestry, silk blends and synthetic fibers in the comfort and privacy of your home. We can safely clean any upholstered item including: sofas, chairs, delicate rugs, and even office cubicle walls.

Mattress Cleaning

Homes in general do a great job of washing our sheets and changing our bedding 2 times or more a week, but what about the mattress? Recent studies claim your mattress will double in weight in just 8 yrs. We all have heard the commercials on TV and the radio from mattress manufacturers that claim you must replace your mattress every 8 years for your health.

Surface Surgeons challenges that idea. You don’t replace your clothes, carpet or upholstery just because you use them! Your mattresses can be safely cleaned extending the viable life span and use of the mattress.

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